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The research will benefit from the fact that the two universities, Bielefeld and Dortmund, have intensive links with institutions that are particularly well suited for research and practice on education and inequality: The experimental schools in Bielefeld, namely Laborschule and Oberstufenkolleg; The German Youth Institute with its focus on non-formal institutions such as child and youth services projects (linked to Technische Universität Dortmund). The Max-Planck Institute (MPI) is a multidisciplinary research Institute dedicated to the study of human development and education and their evolutionary, social, historical, and institutional contexts. It has agreed to provide the PhD students at the RS with opportunities to carry out practical research, particularly within its international comparative studies. The German Institute for International Research on Education (DIPF) documents, describes, and analyzes educational development in European as well as non-European countries. It advises decision-makers working in the field of educational policy, educational administration, and educational practice at national and international levels. The DIPF has agreed to provide the PhD students at the RS with opportunities to carry out practical research within its different fields of work. This makes a major contribution to expanding the spectrum of experience outside universities, particularly in the field of research on international education and training systems. Furthermore through existing cooperations doctoral students will have the opportunity to develop professional competences and know-how including soft skills: in the field of teacher training (e.g. at the experimental schools) and in general social services and welfare (e.g. at Oxfam and Terre des Hommes). Thus, graduates from the RS will combine outstanding research abilities with widespread practical experience.


Non-university institutions

Deutsches Jugendinstitut (DJI) / German Youth Institute, Dortmund & Munich


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